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Consider fresh-face beauty as a no-makeup-makeup look. It’s a natural, soft look for the bridal party. Fresh-face beauty is great for daytime and outdoor weddings because the makeup isn’t heavy.

Instead of a full-coverage foundation, tinted moisturizers offer light to medium coverage that adds a natural glow to the skin. Eye and lip makeup are subtle with brown and nude shades. Lastly, rosy cheeks complete the look!


Soft glam is another kind of makeup bridesmaids should wear. Consider soft glam as a step up from fresh-face beauty. This simple yet stunning look is popular for many weddings. The “soft” part refers to the blending, as this makeup style has no harsh lines.

For example, instead of winged eyeliner, bridesmaids have smudged liner that blends with their eye makeup. Soft glam also includes neutral eye palettes and nude lip colors with a touch of shimmer. Typically, bridesmaids have shimmer highlighter accentuating their cheekbones or nose.

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